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People do judge a book by its cover.


Too many self-published books are let down by their covers before anybody reads a word inside. We offer affordable, professional book cover design – design that is all about creating the cover that is perfect for your book. (We're not in the business of providing pre-designed covers or generic cover designs that could mean your book ends up looking the same as someone else's.)


All our cover design work is handled by the same team responsible for the covers of all the books published by the traditional book publishing business Corona Books UK - some of Corona Books' recent cover designs are pictured below. In other words, the same expertise and professionalism that go into a traditional book publishers' book covers will go into yours. Each designer has different specialisms and areas of expertise, and we'll ensure the designer that works on your project is the right one for your project.




Some recent Corona Books UK book cover designs

Your cover design could involve the use of licensed images to form part of its design, or it could be based on a new piece of graphic design, a new illustration, original photography or a photographic image supplied by you. We've used all of these different options, and combinations of them, to create different book covers, depending on what's the best for the project.


Whether designing your book cover is about turning your ideas into reality or coming up with a new concept that's absolutely right for your book, we'll work closely with you to ensure your book has an eye-catching, professional cover design that you can be proud of.


The spine and back cover designs won't be neglected either. If you're publishing a physical book and not just an e-book, these are an integral part of your full book cover that help define the look and feel of your book.


More often than not, we handle book cover design work as part of a larger commitment to publishing the book, but we're very happy to provide cover design work in isolation too. Guide pricing is difficult to provide as so much depends on the requirement – whether original illustration work is involved etc. – but we promise to always be competitive in our pricing and to honour any figure we quote without quibble.


Please don't hesitate to contact us whatever your cover design needs.


Some of Cavalcade Books' cover designs to date

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