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Proofreading isn't easy 

(and it's a lot harder than you probably think).


Proofreading is a definite art that requires knowledge and experience. It is also something that it's notoriously difficult to do in respect of your own work. There's a real danger you'll be too close to your own work to see what is actually there, rather than what you think is there or you 'know' that you've written. It's an area where it's worth investing in the modest expense of a fresh pair of skilled eyes to ensure that the book that you've invested weeks, if not months, if not years, in is not published with mistakes.


Proofreading isn't the same as editing. It's about providing the final check before your book goes to print. It's about making minor, not major, changes or corrections, but it's more than just looking for spelling mistakes:


  • It includes checking the content for sense. (Do all the sentences make sense? Are there any missing words? Are there any wrong words used?)


  • It includes checking that things like chapter headings are presented consistently. (Are they in the same font size? Are they positioned consistently? Are they capitalised consistently?)


  • It includes checking that capitalisation is used consistently. (Are words or phrases that are capitalised consistently capitalised in the same way each time they are used?)


  • And, of course, it does include checking the spelling (Are there any spelling mistakes, including those that would not be picked up by a spellcheck?)


  • ... as well as checking for consistency of spelling (Plenty of words have more than one legitimate way to spell them. For example, the hyphenated 'proof-reading' is a legitimate alternative UK spelling of 'proofreading'. What matters is that you pick one spelling and stick to it - using it consistently whenever the word appears.)


  • ... and more.



With us, you can be confident you'll be putting your proofreading requirement into a safe pair of hands with the skills, knowledge and experience required to take care of all the above.


And our proofreading services are competitively priced (with rates as low as £5 per 1,000 words possible, depending on the size and scope of the project).


Please don't hesitate to contact us whatever your proofreading needs.

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