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We're a small business that can offer its clients a personal service.

With us, your book project won't go through the sausage-machine-like process it might do elsewhere. Instead, we'll tailor the services we deliver to the requirements of your project, fully taking into account your plans and ideas and your book's genre. You won't feel like a bystander in the process, and nor will you feel like you're handing over total control. We'll keep you updated at every stage of the process and you'll have the final say over important things like editorial change and the cover design.

And we'll never be further than a phone call or an email away.



We'll always ensure all our services are delivered to the highest professional standards.

We're the same people behind the independent traditional publishers Corona Books UK and our aim is to bring you the opportunity to enjoy the same professional standards that go into a traditional publishers' books for your book – so that it doesn't join the masses of self-published books out there that are crying out for decent editing, proofreading and design.

Instead, you'll have a book produced to the highest professional standards, of which you can forever be proud.



We'll keep our prices affordable.

We're not in the business of charging the eye-watering sums other businesses we could mention do – often for substandard work too! Instead, for a book that doesn't require a significant amount of illustration work, we can typically offer a publishing package which includes editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, paperback publication and distribution, e-book publication, marketing advice and author copies for between £1,000 and £2,000. That's significantly less than our main competitors would charge for a comparable project.

That's not because we're cheap. It's because we know what we're doing.

We know we're not the only business that you could help you bring your book to publication. We also know that you have other options too.

You could do everything yourself

It's true - you could self-publish without help. But unless you've got experience of all aspects of bringing a book to print, there's every chance you'll make mistakes and produce a book you'll become disappointed with. Whether it's a business book or something more personal, your book represents you and it's worth investing a little in professional help to make it the book it deserves to be. The truth is there are masses of self-published books out there that are crying out for professional input when it comes to editing, proofreading, print layout or cover design.

You could try the traditional publishing route

Again, it's true - you could try to interest a traditional publisher in your writing. But year on year, the opportunities get less and less. Fewer and fewer publishers even accept submissions, and if your writing is fiction, it's almost certain you'll need to get a literary agent before you can get near a publisher. Publishing with us is a way around the frustration and the closed doors, and you'll get to keep up to 100% of the royalties from the sales of your book rather than the small percentage a traditional publisher would let you keep.

And yes, you could go to one of our competitiors

We know there are businesses out there that offer book publishing packages for, say, £795 or £799. But when you look closely at what they offer, you'll probably find they don't even include proofreading - let alone editing - or regard it as a chargeable extra. You have to ask yourself, if they regard proofreading as unimportant, whether they really care about how your book turns out. And the answer is they probably don't. We've even found publishing packages priced in the thousands that don't think to include proofreading!

We've set up Cavalcade Books to be different - to care genuinely about making your book the book it deserves to be, and to deliver all our services with our personal, professional and affordable watchwords in mind.

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