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Get your book available instantly to millions of potential readers.


Publishing your book electronically is a wise thing to do, whether or not there's a print edition to accompany it. The e-book will mean millions of potential readers can have immediate access to your words. Also, more and more people today rely on e-books for their reading. Obviously, you don't want them to be left out of your potential readership.

As with creating print layouts, e-book formatting is something that is easy to do badly, but which takes knowledge, skill and experience to do well. We can create a beautiful, professional e-book for you from your manuscript (complete with the required licence notes, copyright information and working table of contents).

We can supply you with a file that you can upload yourself – for example, for you to publish using Kindle Direct Publishing, making it available on Amazon to millions immediately – or we can handle the entire process for you.

We're happy to provide advice on the e-book publishing process too.

In most cases, we can create an upload-ready e-book file from your manuscript for less than £100.

Please don't hesitate to contact us whatever your e-book formatting needs.

A gallery of screenshots from some of Cavalcade's e-books

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